Operators' Insist On a Quality Standard

It is not compulsory for any license holder to be a member of the Z.P.G.A. and in fact it is restricted to individuals who comply with our strict criteria for consideration before membership is granted. But aligning oneself, if one qualifies, with an organisation like the Z.P.G.A., with a strong legacy of maintaining industry integrity and standards provides Employers with an ethical, quality guide, Agents with a standard to sell and Guests a superior quality product to buy into.

Simply put, individuals with an affiliation to the Z.P.G.A. are automatically synonymous with the toughest Guiding standards and – more importantly – principles, in Africa.

The Following companies insist that all their Guides are Members of the Zimbabwe Professional Guides Association:

Batoka Lodges

If you’re your company insists that all your guides are members we would like to hear from you, please send us an email on marketing(at)zpga.com along with your logo and we will gladly add you to our list.

ZPGA Constitution

ZPGA Code of Ethics