The Zimbabwe Parks & Wildlife Management Authority

The Zimbabwe Parks & Wildlife Management Authority operates under an Act of Parliament, the Parks and Wildlife Act of 1975.

The Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority (Z.P.W.M.A.) is a successor to the Department of National Parks and Wildlife Management. Z.P.W.M.A. falls under the Ministry of Environment, Climate Change, Tourism and Hospitality Industry. Parks and Wildlife Act of 1996 (Chapter 20:14) as amended by Act Number 19 of 2001 gives the Authority power to control, manage and maintain Zimbabwe Wildlife resources both flora and fauna.

The Authority manages one of the largest estates in the country, about 5 million hectares of land or 13% of Zimbabwe’s total land area. It should be noted that most of the Parks are located in Ecological Regions 4 and 5 or rugged mountainous areas which would not have much economic alternative use.

The Authority has a mandate to manage the entire wildlife population of Zimbabwe, whether on private or communal lands. Private landowners can utilize the wildlife on their land but are still accountable to the Authority for the welfare of the animals.

Mandated with the protection, management and administration of the wildlife of Zimbabwe, the Authority has had a proud history of sound management that endeavours to preserve the unique flora and fauna heritage of Zimbabwe.

Last but not least, Z.P.W.M.A. is responsible for all the licensing of our Zimbabwean guides and as such the Z.P.G.A. has a very close working relationship with our licensing Authority.

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